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My name is David, aka “DC”. I’m a photographer, reader, music lover, traveler, and observer of life. DC’s Observations are my thoughts based on things I see, experience, encounter, or that randomly enter my mind. My goal with my observations is to Engage, Enlighten, and Entertain (mostly entertain). I hope you enjoy, and I’d love to hear from you.


Fun Facts About DC

  • I refuse to drink coffee from a clear mug, and if I go somewhere that serves theirs that way – I ask for a to-go cup. Clear mugs are for tea.

  • I like shoes… So, I own quite a few pairs – last count was over 100.

  • I’ve always been a  big fan of cardigan sweaters. I remember getting a monogrammed cardigan for my birthday when I was in middle school.

  • My son is now 29 years old. I don’t remember what it felt like to NOT be a father.

  • I’ve been wearing glasses since the sixth grade. I took an eye exam in school, and the lady said, “Boy do you need glasses…”

  • I ate my first banana as an adult. Until then, I wouldn’t eat them. Now, I love them.

  • I’ve been to New Orleans three times, each time in July – twice on purpose… The third time was a coincidence. It’s very hot in July!

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