So now, without being asked – people are suggesting shows/movies to watch on Netflix.

  1. A toy weed whacker is an interesting play choice. 
  2. Yes I’m holding a camera… no I don’t want to take a picture of you and your family with your cell phone. 
  3. Sometimes you just have to type in an enough for Google to figure out what you’re thinking. It has helped me more times than I can remember.
  4. I realized that I have very little of the color orange in my life – aside from a couple pairs of socks with orange on them.
  5. No amount of weed barrier cloth is going to stop nature. Nature will always find a way. I had weeds/grass grow around and through the barrier.
  6. People are now offering unsolicited Netflix recommendations.
  7. If thick thighs save lives… thin ones must be risky. Since I’m into self preservation, it’s the thickness for me.
  8. They dropped the Friday! I got an email about 4 “Black Weeks”. So it’s essentially Black November.
  9. Most of the colorful leaves are gone – now we’re in the dull prelude to winter. I don’t like winter.
  10. At one time the Suzuki Samurai was a desirable vehicle.
  11. A half and half is not ½ water ½ tea. That’s just watered down tea.
Photo by John-Mark Smith