Drive Thru Windows: A Constant Observation:

Drive thru windows are a recurring subject of DC’s Observations, and I very rarely to never speak positively of them. I don’t really like them; they make society lazier. In addition to that, they don’t save you time. It’s actually faster to go inside.

1. Wet socks are SO uncomfortable. Even if they are just a little wet, they are so irritating that you want to take them off.

2. Facebook needs to include automatic grammar checking for posts. Consistent uses of the wrong word, like to instead of too.

3. I will NEVER understand the Popeye’s chicken sandwich craze. It boggles my mind… people are killing each other, fighting, and waiting in lines for hours, just for a chicken sandwich. #groupthink

4. It wasn’t Shaggy… “It wasn’t me” is a classic song lyric.

5. Drive thru windows don’t save time. I’ve been inside Starbucks and walked past the same car (in the same spot) on the way out

6. All the remakes of songs by The Beatles I’ve heard – clearly outshine the original. Two examples: Musiq Soulchild, “Something” & Lakeside, “I Want To Hold Your Hand”. I know they are legends, but I’m not a fan.

7. “Who shot J.R?” was good in 1980… but “Who shot Ghost?” in 2019 – is just not creative. I thought the writers of the show “Power” could be a lot more creative than they were. But, I still watched it.

8. I’m giving away a DC’s Observations T-Shirt this month. Comment with your size to be entered into the drawing (winner will be selected Nov 30).

banana laffy taffy

9. Banana is the least respected Laffy Taffy flavor. I like them, but they are my least favorite. So, I eat them last.

10. After “Round and Round”, Tevin Campbell was never the same… #liltevincampbell

Photo by Daria Sannikova from Pexels