1. Why are we still using D Batteries?? RIP Radio Raheem 👊🏾 Everyone remembers that famous scene in Do The Right Thing, where Radio Raheem went to the store to buy 22 D Batteries for his boom box.

2. I love hummingbirds, but come on Levis®… as a grown man – I cannot wear shorts with hummingbirds all over them. But, I did consider it.

3. Peacekeepers/Peacemakers carry guns. Let that marinate… I guess the fear of weapons promotes peace.

4. Shoutout Crocs® for saving my foot from a nail I stepped on. The bottom of the shoe absorbed most of the nail.

5. The fake typing sound on the voice controlled phone menus is cute. When I hear it, I can’t help but to chuckle.

6. I’m always in awe of people playing musical instruments. Every time I watch a musician, I’m amazed.

7. Kanye West lyrics: “We’ll buy a lot of clothes when we don’t really need em” Later he starts selling extremely overpriced clothes & shoes. 🤔

8. I love Old Bay seasoning and I love hot sauce. I’m just not so sure that two go together. As a Marylander, I was excited to try Old Bay Hot Sauce. I thought it would be good, but It was underwhelming.

9. I, too, have “hot sauce in my bag swag”. Most of the time, I actually have a bottle of hot sauce in my lunch bag.

10. We live in a world where somebody thought it was a good idea to put gasoline in a trash bag.

11. Chocolate Chip is my least favorite cookie. I eat them, but if they are never my first choice.

Do you have any devices that use D Batteries?

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Photo Credit: Cox Imagery