A dream within a dream… it has only happened once that I remember.

1 – I don’t like eating cold bananas. They have to be room temperature.

2 – The phrase “The Cadillac of….” is outdated. They’re still very good cars, but Cadillacs aren’t even the “Cadillac” of cars. It’s time for a newer high standard measure.

3 – I had a dream – and in that dream… I was dreaming. #DreamWithinDream

4 – Coming in second place to Usain Bolt, you were actually in first place… You had no chance of beating him – but you could beat everybody else.

5 – After listening to/watching a 16-minute Live performance of Purple Rain, I needed a moment. The song is one of the most beautiful and powerful songs ever made. Check Out This Video

6 – If you have receipts from a store that no longer exists, you have my permission to throw them away. I don’t need to (but I will) tell you – that you can’t do anything with them.

7 – You know when the guy that used the urinal before you – ate asparagus for lunch.

8 – Driving on a newly paved road is nice – enjoy it while it lasts. After the first snow storm, the plows will create holes.

9 – Overheard two ladies talking as I was leaving Starbucks. “I love Sarah, but..” She doesn’t love Sarah. I wasn’t eavesdropping. They were talking very loudly near the door as I was leaving. So, I didn’t hear after the but…

10 – Shoutout to my favorite social media dogs: Winston, Sobe, and Tiller. All three have so much personality, and they all enjoy taking pictures.

11 – Youtube Music asked me to pick 5 artists I liked to help pick music for me. Trying to JUST pick 5 was stressful. My musical tastes vary so much that it’s hard to help me – given five selections.

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