Saying that the Coronavirus has affected our lives, is an understatement. After dealing with it for nearly two years, we now reminisce about the time before Covid Hit.

1 – At least once a week I hear the phrase: “and then Covid Hit”

2 – The song “Freaks” by Lil Vicious & Doug E Fresh was/is a great song & many people couldn’t understand what he was saying – which is why we we overlooked a 12 year old singing about punanny and condoms.

3 – Paperweights… does anybody have a problem with papers blowing away? They are now strictly for decoration.

4 – If you haven’t posted to social media in a while, because you were busy living your life, I applaud you. But, you don’t need to tell us that… I didn’t notice.

5 – At Starbucks – priority is given to the lazy (drive thru). I like to go inside, but I find that the wait inside is very long.

6 – I hate when I’m watching an instructional video and they say, “which we’ll show you in a little bit…” How about not mentioning it until you’re ready to talk about it.

7 – Another public microwave “No No”… don’t cook broccoli. It’s okay to reheat it, but don’t cook it.

8 – I’m not sure I understand the complexities of goat yoga. Who benefits more – the people or the goats?

9 – When planning group vacation lodging – don’t forget to consider the people to bathroom ratio. From experience 17/1 is horrible!

10 – I find it hilarious when someone stops, mid-conversation to say, “Oooh that’s my song!”

11 – A photographer posts pics on IG – a woman in a bra and underwear. The caption reads “perhaps you should go love yourself”. What were they suggesting??

12 – “Data are…” sounds funny – but it is grammatically correct.

Song of the Week

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels