1. Murder hornets other murder bees, not humans. I didn’t know that. Mankind can feel a little safer now.

2. Shipping breast milk seems to be “a thing”. Several shipping boxes on Amazon specify good for shipping breast milk.

3. People on hiking trails are notoriously bad at judging distance. They say things like: “It’s about a half a mile” or “you’re halfway…”

4. Salt and Vinegar is a great combination – but not on kettle corn (which I’m not a fan of). I love salt and vinegar potato chips, and regular popcorn.

5. I didn’t know Angry Birds was still being played. It was a a fun but frustrating game.

6. Facebook needs an alert for unpunctuated sentences – like “what the heck are you saying – is that even English?” Some post require me read them more than once.

7. Acai bowls are refreshing. My daughter takes pleasure in the fact that she “put me on”. But, I’m glad that she did.

8. I’m on the fence about how I feel about the age/chapter thing… I get it… you’re 45 years old – Chapter 45. Make sure you live a life worth telling a story about.

9. Keith Richards is at least 205 years old. And, he doesn’t look a day over 103.

10. Babies learn to work a smartphone or tablet before they can even talk. Pretty amazing… My one year old niece is very proficient.

11. Don’t use the house number as the lockbox combo. It’s way too easy to guess.

When I first heard of murder hornets, I thought that a sting from them would kill a human. As it turned out, they murder other bees. Those bees are necessary for pollination. So, they are more dangerous to the ecosystem than they are to people.

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photo credit: @cox.imagery