Low Odor Dry Erase Markers – Why?

Unless the regular strong odor has somehow enhances the writing capability of the markers, why specifically make low odor dry erase markers. Just make them all low odor.

1. If you’re outside playing basketball when it’s 40 degrees, you must really love basketball. When it’s that cold, I don’t want to be outside.

2. Based on his comparison, Tupac REALLY liked revenge. “I ain’t a killer, but don’t push me..” #HailMary

3. Literally is Literally one of the most misused words.

4. Movies.… way too many previews. 30 minutes of previews is way too much. I use that to figure out what time to show up.

5. Not sure how the word fellowship became a verb. It’s a true misuse of the word.

6. They make ‘low odor’ dry erase markers, because people are sensitive to the strong scent. Why not just make them all that way? The strong scent doesn’t make them write better.

7. If the Chik Fil-A grilled nuggets taste like they were cooked in your backyard – get rid of your grill.

8. Teenagers are the best indicator that the wifi is out in the house. I know within minutes if the internet connection goes out.

9. There are too many Young ____, Lil’_____, and Babies in rap. The artists names need to mature.

10. Amazon… maybe I don’t want to “get myself a little something”. Sometimes I do, and they know that.

11. . I’m still wondering about the people that wear facemasks in public. Who are they protecting… themselves or me?

This edition of DC’s Observations was written in November 2019, prior to the Coronavirus pandemic. At that time, wearing of masks and face coverings was uncommon, except for a few people on airplanes.

image credit: Free photo 82993429 © creativecommonsstockphotosDreamstime.com