Wearing a Unicorn Costume:

I love people that dare to be different. A young man wore a unicorn costume to my nephew’s birthday party. And, it wasn’t a costume party!

1. If panhandlers get Cashapp – there goes my “I don’t have any cash” way out. I haven’t seen one yet, but soon they will have their Cashapp name on their cardboard signs.

2. If you want to know the flaws in a piece of art (food included), give the artist a compliment. You hear all the stories. You will find out what they wanted to do but didn’t have time, etc…

3. Baby Yoda ruins the whole wisdom vibe.

4. I look at a lot of posts and the first thing that comes to mind is WTF are they talking about?? Some posts just don’t make sense.

5. I found $75 for a pair of Nike sweatpants is too much. But, it wasn’t until I had them in my cart and made the decision to not follow through. #hadtheminmycart #emptiedcart

6. Disney+ is overrated… It was released with a lot of hype. My daughter was part of that hype. But, I didn’t find it very good.

7. Social Media Superiority is the statement: “Some won’t get it”. It definitely sets the stage for a challenge. Because people then work hard to make sure they “get it”.

8. Don’t underestimate the social skills of a 16 year old that wears a unicorn costume to a birthday party… that is NOT a costume party!

9. Sometimes the meme’s message is good – but the picture doesn’t match the message.

10. We’re kinda living the Jetsons lifestyle right now. I remember watching as a child – what is now FaceTime. #getmeoffofthisthing

11. So I’m supposed to act a certain way just because I was born between Apr 20 – May 21?? I don’t buy into the zodiac signs.

image credit: Free photo 111457303 © creativecommonsstockphotosDreamstime.com