I Don’t Need to climb Mount Everest:

Climb Mount Everest is not on my list of things to do in life. So, I’m perfectly okay that it will never happen.

1. There’s no ideal place for your car to break down. But, some places are worse than others. I’ve had my car break down in front of my house. I was thankful.

2. Aaron McGruder must be a psychic. KFC is now selling “The Luther”.  The Boondocks was a great cartoon. #boondocks

3. Some of the best movies and shows I’ve seen were South African. #tsotsi #shadow

4. I’m completely comfortable with the fact that I haven’t and never will climb Mount Everest.

5. An increased risk of death is the worst side effect possible for a medication. You take some medicine to fix a condition, and it could possibly kill you.

6. People are far less excited about “springing forward”. “Falling back” and the extra hour of sleep is always attractive. Both take some adjustments, but the latter is my favorite.

7. Forgetting your lip balm will make you stop at a store on the way home – even though you already have 10 of them at home..

8. I overhear a lot of conversations where someone is giving nutritional advice. With so many “experts” – why is the country so unhealthy?

9. I’ve never been a fan of candy apples. I’ll either eat candy or an apple – but not at the same time. They look pretty, but they are difficult to eat.

10. I don’t get the whole yoga with animals thing. The animals don’t want to be there.

11. Driving on a road without any other cars is a treat. Sometimes it’s just nice to drive….