Two and a Half Men – The Harper boys:

Two and a Half Men reruns are still funny, but only the older episodes. I like the original cast with Charlie Sheen. The show lost a lot after he left the show. I enjoyed some of the later episodes, but it just wasn’t the same.

  1. A lot of change starts with somebody giving a f$@%. Nothing gets done without somebody caring.

2. One of the most dangerous places on earth is the parking lot of a Starbucks with a drive-thru. I sometimes have to run for my life to avoid getting hit by cars.

3. Free tire air at Royal Farms is nice, but there’s almost always a wait to use it. Sometimes it’s quicker just to spend the dollar.

4. MTV needs to bring back “MTV Unplugged”… It was great platform for some great music. But, I’m afraid if they did it now it would be a competition or a reality show.

5. Two and A Half Men was better with Charlie Sheen. When they added Ashton Kutcher, the show just didn’t feel the same. Then it just got weird.

6. Al Pacino is the man! He’s one of my favorite actors.

7. The phrase “and other natural flavors” is reason for concern. There is no regulation on what is a ‘natural flavor’.

boneless wings

8. “Boneless Wings” are just adult chicken nuggets. I’m now a lazier eater. So, I’m not a big fan of wings.

9. I forget that my car has a horn. It pretty much serves no purpose. I so rarely use it,

10. Pick any subject and you’ll find thousands of experts on the internet willing to sell you their “secrets”.

11. There eventually comes a time when a trashcan becomes trash. They serve a purpose until they become the purpose they serve. That’s pretty deep to describe a trashcan.