1 – How true is something that is not necessarily true?

2 – Treadmills: some people drive to a place to go walk on a machine that keeps you in the same spot.  Why not just take a walk.

3 – I don’t like wearing headphones while wearing a mask, because my ears are doing too much:  they’re supporting my glasses, they’re listening, they’re covered up, and then they have to hold the mask straps.

4 – Even though they ask for change or ‘whatever you have’ – panhandlers seem offended when you give them change or $1. They should ask for what they want.

5 – I was being passed driving 75mph. It had me wondering just how fast I should be driving.

6 – Avid and photographer go together like peanut butter and jelly.

7 – When the same picture falls off the wall 3 times in the same day, it might be time to just throw it in the trash. Or, maybe it doesn’t want to be on that wall.

8 – Before 2020, most people didn’t know what Zoom was. Now it’s a great “place” to hang out. Zoom® is now a household name.

9 – When you need a Micro-SD card in an emergency, it’s great to have non-iPhone users around. Android users always have a Micro-SD card in their phone.

10 – I use vinegar for cleaning a lot more now. I even have a dedicated spray bottle for it.

11 – If given the option on a gift card to ‘scratch or peel’ – peeling will always win! Scratching takes more effort and you end up with the “dust”.

You can assume that something that is not necessarily true – is not true.

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels