Blurry Vacation Photos

1 – Not EVERY vacation picture needs to be posted. Some of them are blurry – and some are 3 pictures of the same thing. Vacations are exciting, but be selective. Don’t post your blurry vacation photos.

2 – In family situations – sometimes you need glue… Sometimes you have to be the glue.

3 – I preferred driving when there were less cars on the road. “DC Quirk”: I get irritated if I’m behind the same car for too long.

4 – If I own a business, I should be able to tell you what the business is/does.

5 – If you have a nickname like: lil’ Murder, C-Murder, Murder B… innocent or guilty –  it’s hard to shake an accusation that you killed somebody.

6 – We’re still using FAX… wow.

7 – UFO sightings, Hurricanes, Murder Hornets, Global Pandemic, Plague Squirrels, travel withdrawal – and we still have about 3 ½ months of left. 2020 Give us a break.

8 – A lot of scenic byways – aren’t very scenic. They’re just byways with some trees.

9 – The Blackberry phone is making a comeback. They should have learned a lesson from Jurassic Park. It’s not good to bring back dinosaurs.

10 – The best naps are unplanned… like when you fall asleep watching TV.

11 – When you’re taking closeup pictures of hornets, you have to be willing to get stung.