Hump Day – What day is it?

Hump day doesn’t always refer to Wednesday. Sometimes it has a more “adult” connotation, but it’s still Wednesday.

1. Most animal documentaries are ruined by snakes. I love watching animal documentaries, but it is sometimes difficult to watch one that doesn’t have snakes in them. #ihatesnakes #snakessuck

2. The current weather has plants, animals, and humans confused AF. In Maryland we can have all four seasons in a week… sometimes in one day.

3. I did not know that TiVo was still being sold. They have truly stood the test of time, and they are adapting to keep themselves relevant.

4. It’s 7:30am… 28 degrees and your riding a bike with no hands (arms across your chest). Probably too cold for a bike ride.

5. Some people have changed the meaning behind “hump” in ‘hump day’, but I’m cool with it.

6. Camo pants are universal. Apparently, any color shirt is acceptable. I have seen some outlandish color combinations.

7. Sometimes I open the junkmail that looks like it could be a check – on the off chance that it is one… I’ve even received a few check in the mail that looked like junkmail. So, it’s always best to be safe than sorry.

8. One of the most identifiable professions. “[insert first name] The Barber” There is a lot of room for creativity, but most opt for the “The Barber” title.

9. Wearing mesh sneakers in the rain results in wet feet. This I know from experience. I immediately regretted making my shoe decision without checking the weather.

10. Clothes from the outlet stores have bad zippers. I always wondered why you could buy $50 Levis for $20. That is until I bought some, and I found myself continually zipping my pants.

11. “Please listen closely, as our menus have recently changed…” Nobody memorizes those menus!