• There’s nothing glorious about the morning glory plant. The flowers are pretty and you only see them in the morning. But it’s a very invasive plant, and the vines wrap around other plants.
  • “In da Club” by 50 Cent seems to be a popular song at the Olympics. It was playing at nearly every Olympic event I watched.
  • Old Bay seasoning makes most things taste better. #MarylandThing If you’re Maryland, you know this to be true.
  • I really like succotash. Some of the best I’ve every had was a the Leaping Lizard Cafe in VA Beach.
  • Enough with the GOAT! There was – and will only be – ONE, Muhammad Ali. This is the most often misused acronym.
  • That restaurant table suspended from a crane (in Dubai I think) might be cool until 5 people have to use the restroom at different times. #UpAndDown
  • Air Rifle??? I don’t get it… definitely some kind of skill, but a sport – that’s questionable. I watched it, trying to understand it.
  • Pockets are everything! The simple addition of pockets will turn an ordinary piece of clothing into being functional.
  • My coffee this morning was “FF”… FRESHLY BREWED & FREE. I don’t mind waiting at Starbucks when they ask, unless I have to be somewhere.
  • Pocket knives are wonderfully useful. I carry one with me around the house to open Amazon boxes and 1000 other things.
  • I do not miss the directional arrows in the grocery store aisles. People looked at me oddly the first time I mistakenly disobeyed them.

Song of the Week

I look out into my yard in the morning, and I see the purple and pink cone shaped flowers of the morning glory plant. It’s true – they only bloom in the morning. But, despite their beauty – they are pretty aggressive. The braided vines of the plant wrap around anything they can, including other plants.

photo credit: Cox Imagery