1. Wild Wild West song by Will Smith was MUCH better than the movie. Focus on the song and forget that the movie was even made.
  2. Stainless steel will stain.
  3. “Painting Sweatpants” are never created intentionally. It always starts out as, “I’m just going to touch up this spot” The next thing you know is you have paint on your pants.
  4. The guy wearing a mask that uses the restroom & leaves without washing his hands – is clearly wearing the mask to protect himself.
  5. When I think of a historic car, a Toyota Camry doesn’t come to mind. I saw historic tags on a Camry. It was little surprising.
  6. Pants sagging… still not a good look. Never will be. It has to be uncomfortable having to pull up your pants after every third step.
  7. The “save the turtle” people have been unsuccessful in stopping the soda bottle rings. Perhaps they have given up the fight.
  8. Keyboard courage is a real thing. People are very brave when you remove fear of getting punched in the face.
  9. The Chick-fil-A delivery vehicles are cute. I’ve never driven a car that small. It’s probably fun.
  10. I didn’t mind the cicadas. Gnats… I mind them – A LOT. If only gnats came out every 17 years.
  11. Spam Callers: If I didn’t respond to your first 3 calls, do you think I care if you say this is the last… And we all know, they are going to call again.

I recently listened to the Wild Wild West song, and I was reminded of how bad the movie was. Also, without Dru Hill – the song wouldn’t haven’t been as good.

Song of the Week

Photo by Julia Sakelli from Pexels