1. Adulting sucks. There are times when I try not to be a responsible adult – but then I end up getting in my own way.
  2. Good advice is just good advice, even without somebody stating their credentials before they give it. #nobodycares
  3. It is really hard to sleep when you have body parts that fall asleep too during the night.
  4. Rocket scientists probably joke at their job that their work is actually “rocket science”…
  5. I’m so happy when I don’t see an “s” on the word mine. Unfortunately, I see and sometimes hear the non-word mines. It’s actually a word – but not when it’s used that way.
  6. Squirrels will hang upside down by one leg, while shoveling food in their mouths with another. They are risky, crafty gatherers.
  7. I may never know what it’s like to “slide into somebody’s DM”. But, from what I’ve heard – it’s overrated and dangerous.
  8. Snitches don’t get stitches – they get immunity. If the information you have is valuable, tell it and you walk away.
  9. I heard the word cleavage used that wasn’t talking about breasts. It didn’t sound right. That word always make me think of breasts.
  10. I can’t remember the last time I’ve had cash in my wallet. I know I should carry some, but going to the ATM is such a hassle.
  11. The world is extremely peaceful at 5am. Unfortunately, that’s way too early to wake up. So I don’t experience it much.

A valuable lesson to learn when you’re young is that adulting suck. Don’t be in a hurry to be one.