Stevie Wonder

1 – We have to find a new blind representative. Whenever somebody wants to highlight an obvious situation they say, “Stevie Wonder could see that…”

2 – I literally (correct use of the word) wear a hoodie everyday! Even in the summertime. In the summer I wear them in the house. 

3 – For the overnight shift – State Farm apparently only hires men named Jake. There is now an African American Jake, but the original Jake still works there.

4 – I’m a reggae purist, but Willie Nelson’s “Countryman” album was good. I don’t like the entire album, but there are 3 – 4 songs that I really like.

5 – When you put on hand sanitizer, you are immediately reminded of that cut on your hand. But there’s a very good chance that cut won’t get infected.

6 – I overheard a guy on the phone saying he was thinking about something 99.9% of the day. It was 5pm – If that was all that he was doing, he had been useless up to that point.

7 – Whenever I tell people that my daughter’s birthday is September 11th – it’s met with wonder and surprise.

8 – Wearing masks and seeing others wearing them is still weird to me.

9 – I don’t really like overhearing people with earbuds talking on the phone while they’re in the store.

10 – It’s the US Open. So, I have to watch it. But, tennis without the crowd is very different.

11 – Eating Doritos then putting on a mask will make you want to stay home. Dorito breath is a real problem.

Photo by Asiama Junior from Pexels