Nutrition Buzzwords: Don’t Believe The Hype:

Nutrition buzzwords should not be taken at face value. They are there to trick you into thinking the food is healthy when it’s not. The important information is on the back of the package, not the front.

1. Netflix needs to stop changing the cover images. I’ve been tricked too many times thinking it’s something new.

2. Betty White didn’t die… she dyed (her hair). It wasn’t a misspelling. #read The post was written with the alternative spelling of die to purposely fool everyone.

3. Besides being a clever rhyme, soap on a rope was never a good idea. You always end up with a little piece of useless soap – and of course a rope.

4. Consider how much processing it takes to make plants taste like sausage or hamburger. 🤔 You’re better off eating the real thing.

5. I’m not sure you can actually drive a car 5mph… I’ve tried. The best I could do is about 10mp, drifting with my foot off the gas pedal.

6. Hoodie season is from January 1st to December 31st. I wear one nearly everyday, and I take one on vacation – no matter where I go.

7. Nutrition buzzwords like gluten-free don’t mean it’s healthier. Sugar is gluten-free, but you wouldn’t want a diet consisting of only sugar.

8. January 1978: The birth of the ‘bathroom selfie’ taken by Prince. To see the picture, go to page 144 of his memoir, “The Beautiful Ones”.

9. The interview/Q&A response: “that’s a good question” never really sounds sincere. Especially, when the speaker says it after every question.

10. Judging by some of the answers, I’ve always wondered who they survey for the Family Feud.

11. The food manufacturers that states “May contain ______” on their label – should probably figure it out.