New Jack City Movie Reboot:

I heard that they are planning a reboot of the New Jack City movie. It’s my favorite movie, and I don’t want to see them mess it up. That being said, I’ll still go see it if they do.

1. When people post 30-40 pics on Facebook at once – here is their message to me: “Your life is so insignificant that you have nothing better to do than enjoy mine.” 

2. A lot of people prescribe to the Roscoe Jenkins “Team of Me” mentality.

3. I’m not a fan of the term: MONIES

4. People still hitchhike.

5. The New Jack City movie does not need to be “rebooted”, but if they do – I HAVE to go see how they screwed up a classic. Well played Warner Bros…

6. Drive-thrus negatively affect the service inside a place. And they’re dangerous! At least once a week, I almost get run over trying to get inside Starbucks.

7. Smooth Jazz is great instrumental music, but it’s not Jazz.

bad picture

8. Pictures posted with a disclaimer like: “not the best picture” – probably don’t need to be posted. #ijs

9. If you’re jogging and it looks like a ‘struggle walk’ – just remember walking is good exercise, too. #justwalk

10. It’s about time for the Federal Parent/Pupil Survey Form from the schools to be online. Are they working through a 30 year surplus of the paper forms? #its2019 #paperfree

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