1 Red delicious apples are not very delicious. I came to that conclusion after I discovered that there were many other apple varieties.

2. Plastic grocery bags are a great tumbleweed alternative. I have never seen a real tumbleweed, but I did see a grocery bag that reminded me of one.

3. People always choose to immediately shorten other people’s names. If I introduce myself as David – don’t say it’s nice to meet you DAVE. That’s rude.

4. Workarounds are not solutions. It is arguable, but it’s still not a true solution.

5. There are 90 capsules, I take 3 each day… On day 29.. there shouldn’t be just 2 left. The machine miscounted and cheated me.

6. If I live to be 163 years old (besides when there is an accident) – I will never understand traffic. Cars move… if they all keep moving, there is no need to stop

7. Volvos are nearly unrecognizable now, since they no longer have their iconic ‘boxy’ shape. My first car was a Volvo®, and it was unmistakeable.

8. I’m upset that I haven’t seen any cicadas yet. I was excited to see them, because I wanted to photograph them. But, I only saw a few around my house.

9. We spend money on “distressed” items that look like they’ve already been worn/used. Distressed clothes have more character.

10. The woman on the Amazon commercial that said the pay is awesome – probably earned a bathroom break. If not – she should have negotiated one.

11. Cornhole is not an attractive name for a game. Sounds more like a strange fetish.

What’s your favorite apple? I love apples that are crunchy and juicy, and red delicious apples are usually neither of those. So my favorite apple is the Honeycrisp.

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Photo by Juan C. Palacios from Pexels