My Birkenstocks are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They are extremely comfortable, but they are mostly good for walking. I don’t jog as a hobby or exercise, but every now and then I have to do a light jog while wearing them. It’s difficult to do.

  • You can still get at least a week of use from a bottle of lotion after it’s determined to be empty. It just takes some effort. In extreme cases, you have to cut the bottle.
  • KitchenAid mixers are loud. They are drown-out-the-TV loud.
  • I was reminded of what it was like traveling with a baby. I thanked my daughter for no longer being one.
  • Serena is without question, the best tennis player in the history of the game. But, sadly she’s done…
  • Even a light jog in Birkenstock’s is hard. Stick to walking in them.
  • A Starbucks closed during the daytime – is as weird a sight as a purple cow. I went to a Starbucks that was temporarily closed, and it was an odd sight.
  • Smoking hasn’t been allowed on planes for a long time. Yet we still need the no smoking light – because… people
  • “Please, Please, Please” by James Brown is the greatest begging song ever. People always credit Keith Sweat as the best beggar, but he had nothing on James.
  • DealDash seems too good to be true – and I know there is some ‘fine print’. You can’t really buy and iPad for $11.
  • Adjusting/Readjusting to time zone changes is tough. “Springing forward” and “Falling Back” are both hard.
  • It’s starting to feel like fall: football season, cool nights, crickets chirping, and the “pumpkin spicing” of America.

Song of the Week

photo credit: @cox.imagery