Natural deodorant – I tried:

Normally, I used unscented deodorant, but on a couple of occasions I made the switch to natural deodorant. Each time I switched back. It worked for a little while, but once it was gone – you knew it.

1. I have found it easier to sell cakes than it is to sell fitness. For years, I posted workout videos, fitness & nutrition based posts. Sure, people noticed, but nobody showed up at my gym because of them. But, I post cake/cookie photos, and they have resulted in sales.

2. There sure is a lot of killing on the LIFETIME Channel. Every movie is a remake of Fatal Attraction. Nearly every movie has some crazy woman that stalks a man, then ends up dead,

natural deodorant

3. Natural deodorant leaves you smelling “natural”.

4. It’s REALLY time for the Walking Dead to end. I was a long time loyal viewer, but the show itself became the walking-dead. The actors are asking to leave. That should be a sign.

5. Timeshares have never made sense to me. There are hotels and airbnb rentals pretty much anywhere you go. I don’t see the point.

6. It’s REALLY time for the Walking Dead to end. I used to be a loyal viewer, but the show itself is the walking-dead.

7. In my real life, I’ve never had to factor a polynomial.  There are professions in which that skill is useful – just not mine.

8. Idris Elba “rapping”… I like his acting. I’ll just leave it there… The song is only slightly good, because he has others on the song with him.

9. Beyonce’s “Before I Let Go” remake – still wrong! A lot of people like her version. I’m not one of those people.

10. The dancing (sometimes twerking) little kid videos aren’t cute… I’d rather see them reading a book. Those video are just shameful.