As a drone user, we are always subjected to impromptu drone questions. They are fascinating to passersby. Most often they ask the same two questions: 1. How far will it fly? 2. How much does it cost?

  1. Flying a drone almost always sparks curiosity. There’s usually at least one person that will stop and ask drone questions.

2. Adults love earning stickers, too. Getting stickers as a reward didn’t stop when we grew up.

3. I always see references to a ‘back deck’. But, I have never seen a front deck… Usually, they are called porches. 

4. A new toilet brush that hasn’t been used in a toilet – is just a brush and can be used for any purpose.

5. Cold Calling is at an all time high. I’m not interested in selling my house!!

6. Unless it’s a full service gas station – Getting gas cannot be “No Contact” 

7. If you care about your car, don’t park next to somebody where it’s obvious that they don’t care about theirs.

8. Jaheim: If you’re finding numbers in her purse.. Isn’t it too late to put her first?

9. I walked into Coldstone – the sweet smell almost put me into sugar shock.

10. Starbucks has brought back the stirring stick thing. Now I see them scattered all over the parking. It might be time to stop using them again.

11. It’s 2021 – if you give me a clipboard with forms to fill out, you’re going to get the side eye… #online

Photo Credit: @cox.imagery