Current weather conditions – what season is it?

The current weather conditions make it difficult to determine what season it is. Sometimes we have all the seasons in a single week.

1. Side sitting in a restaurant is intimate – but it looks awkward. #letstalk #sidesitting

2. Sometimes even something small that falls on your foot… hurts! #ouch

3. I don’t see a reason to buy decorative “no show” socks#cantseethem #punintended

4. Consider this the next time you’re in a crowd. This is the result of a lot of orgasms. 🤔 #ohface #crowds

5. With the current weather conditions, we won’t be able to tell when winter ends – and spring begins. #winter #spring

6. You get out of your car, there’s a water bottle with yellowish liquid sitting in the parking lot. You wonder… is that urine? #bottledwater #pee

7. Frying fish in the house is a delicious mistake. #smelly #fishfry

8. Eating out at noon – no matter where you go, there’s always a wait. #waiting #lunchtime

9. Nothing says I love you like paying the mortgage ❤️ #happyvalentinesday #iloveyou

10. It’s a great resource, but selling things on the Facebook Marketplace is a headache “is this still available?” #sellerbeware

11. The zippered hoodie separates the ‘pouch’ into two pockets. I like the pouch. #pullover

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