Daylight savings time where we spring forward is a tough time. We lose an hour of sleep on the night of the switch, and it takes a couple weeks to adjust. Conversely, we set the clocks back in the fall – and we get an extra hour of sleep (which I like). Because of the adjustment periods, neither is good.

  1. I’m enjoying most of the “stimmy” memes. Initially, I had no idea what a stimmy was.

2. “Spring Forward” and “Fall Back” both suck. Pick one, and keep the time the same.

3. Beet risotto… it wasn’t horrible – but it wasn’t good. Firstly, it was purple. Then it tasted weird.

4. Anne Arundel County schools… call me or text me – don’t do both about the same thing. I’m feeling over informed.

5. The presence of all the RedBoxes means that a lot of people are still watching DVDs.

6. Packages should not placed directly in front of my door.  I need to open my door to get them. This happens too much. Delivery people need to realize that I can’t open the door.

7. I got a short receipt from CVS. I felt cheated. I’m so used to getting the 3 foot long receipts, that I missed it.

8. Snoop Dogg was right… “If it ain’t one thing it’s a MFing other”

9. Well played TiVo… way to play the long game. TiVo was first in the DVR world.

10. If you post an after/before picture, instead of a before/after picture – you have to explain it.

11. I used to enjoy the show “All American” now most of the characters are annoying. It used to be a good show.