Random Acts of Kindness: RAKs:

Random acts of kindness are by definition good deeds. But, I’ve seen so many of them ruined by turning them into a social media post. If you give somebody some money or food, there’s no need to take a selfie with them.

1. Enough with the “eves”. The day before everything (like Friday) doesn’t have to be an eve. Thursday is just fine.

2. Brewing coffee should not smell like burning plastic. The smell freshly brewed coffee is a wonderful scent. But, when left on the burner to scorch – it’s far from fresh at that point.

3. It’s irritating to hear somebody constantly talk about themselves in the third person.

4. I hate the feeling of walking out of the store – then I remember I had a coupon in my pocket for something I just bought.

5. People who live to be 100+, spent a major part of their lives without cell phones and microwaves. That’s something to think about. #letthatmarinate

6. On TV/Movies, people type a lot of random characters on the computer keyboard – then stuff happens. In real life we use a mouse.

7. Jeff Bezos is Santa Claus. He and Amazon provides Christmas gifts to practically every house. #hohoho

8. It’s difficult to read a book while foam rolling. I’ve tried a few times, but with the constant movement, it’s not easy.

random acts of kindness

9. Random Acts of kindness lose sincerity when they become a social media post. The good deeds mean more if they are done with you and the recipient as the only two that know about it.

10. Once you start using lip balm – there’s no turning back. You’ll have to continue to use it.

11. Apparently, there is a guy whose job is to hold Lebron James’ shoe inserts when he takes them out.