Cancel culture review 2020:

Cancel culture is needed for this year. Where are the “cancelers” when you need them?

  1. The excitement of the weekend fizzles out on Friday night. You wait all week for Friday, which signals the start of the weekend. Saturday you do all the things you couldn’t during the week. Before you know it’s Sunday.  🗓 
  2. Alcohol is way too ingrained into our culture. You see it on TV, movies, and commercials. Let’s go get a drink is a normal invitation. 🍻🍺🥃🍾
  3. We understand the phrase “I don’t drink”. But, it’s not true… everybody drinks.(see #2) We drink water, soda, juice, but when somebody says, “I don’t drink” – you know they’re talking about alcohol.
  4. Cucumbers are much better as pickles. I like cucumbers, but I like pickles more.🥒
  5. We need the “cancel culture” people to cancel 2020. Y’all get on that. #2021shouldstartnow 📆
  6. Any Stevie Wonder song can be the score for a movie scene. Stevie has made some classics, and any one of them can fit a scene in a movie. 🎥 
  7. One whiff of Cinnabon raises your blood sugar level by 3 points. Oh the Sweetness! If you could see the scent, it would look like floating sugar. 👃 
  8. You take your shoes off without untying them. Chances are you’ll have to untie them to put them back on. 👟 
  9. Toilet paper is the #1 crisis purchase. Whether it’s a snowstorm or a pandemic, people flock to buy toilet paper. 🧻 🧻 
  10. Watching something with subtitles means I have to give 100% attention to the TV. Most times I don’t want to do that. 📺 
  11. Adding a T to the word period doesn’t express emphasis. PeriodT is just a misspelling. ❗️