In movies and TV, whenever there is a threat of an intruder – someone grabs a baseball bat from the bedroom to meet the threat. I don’t own a bat.

  1. People in movies always seem to have a baseball bat handy for intruders. I don’t own a bat. I need to get a bat…

2. Toast is bread, but bread isn’t toast until it is toasted.

3. Football fans… pump your brakes. Can we enjoy summer first! I know you love football, but we don’t want to rush through summer.

4. As an author hopefully you’ve made enough from your book by the time it becomes a “ best seller “ at Dollar Tree.

5. I learned how to remove a bottle cap with a key, as a matter of necessity. It was necessary for me to open my beer bottles.

6. Headaches suck!. Most people will agree. I don’t know anyone who likes having a headache.

7. Potato salad with peas, corn, carrots, and green beans is having an identity crisis. Until I tried it, I had NEVER had potato salad like that. I’m not even sure you can call it potato salad.

8. I never assume cars are going to stop and let me cross the street. That’s an accident waiting to happen.

9. The new-leather-shoe-break-in-period can be a bit uncomfortable.

10. This week I learned about “moon water” – which made me think of “Sun Tea”. Moon water is water that is set outside when there is a full moon.

11. Instead of giving me a blanket for my donation – how about donating the money that was spent on making that blanket.

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