Some people wear sleep deprivation as a badge of honor. But, studies prove otherwise.

  • People will travel far and wide for good cake.
  • How does one become a metal detection expert? My guess is the 10,00 hour rule applies.
  • Don’t use mask spray to freshen them… have more than one and wash those MFs. I’ve seen some pretty dirty looking masks.
  • Dear CRUMBL: cookies are better when you actually bake them. My daughter says I’m wrong, but those cookies are under baked. #cookiedough
  • Sleep is never overrated. If you don’t think so, try missing some. Aim for 7-8 hours each night.
  • H.E.R has the perfect duet voice. She has made some excellent duets with quite a few people. She does well on her own as well. I love her voice.
  • I hate when I open an app and it’s been updated. Then it takes me a while to find where they have moved what I was looking for.
  • “Outside” is too crowded now. It was much nicer during the pandemic. I think the birds will agree.
  • I remember ‘learning’ to play the recorder in elementary school. I’ve never seen a professional recorder player. Is that even a real instrument?
  • There are A LOT of ‘shortages’ these days, lumber, chicken wings, truck drivers, airline pilots. And, the list is growing. Whew!
  • Old school people “make market” or “make groceries”… Those phrases don’t make sense to me. I “buy food” or “go to the grocery store”

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