I visited Providenciales, Turks and Caicos for the first time in April 2022. It was a beautiful island, and I experienced some beautiful sunsets. In addition to the sunsets, here are a few things I observed during my vacation.

  1. Making your own rules seems to be the way of life in Providenciales.
  2. Automobile tags are optional (see #1) I read that you have to be careful on the roads, because there were quite a few untagged, uninsured vehicles.
  3. The turquoise water is incredible, unlike any I’ve seen in my life.
  4. I met Omar, of Omar’s Beach Hut. I thought that was cool.
  5. I saw more vacationing dogs there than I’ve seen anywhere. Turks and Caicos seems to be a popular canine vacation spot.
  6. Masks are required in most places, but it’s perfectly okay if you don’t wear one (see #1)
  7. In addition to driving on the opposite side of the road, driving consists of a lot of speed bumps and traffic circles…
  8. $13.99USD for a box of Honeynut Cheeerios®! I like them, but damn. They’re still in that grocery store.
  9. People drive through puddles like they’re afraid. They almost come to a complete stop.
  10. The sand is extremely fine, almost powdery. It gets in everything.
  11. Some of the cars are really nice – most are not nice at all.