Selfies from above – my viewpoint:

Despite the unavoidable cleavage in the picture, I’ve been told that selfies from above are taken to slim the face of the subject. Okay…

  1. I’m assuming that when women take selfies from above, that they are saying, “check out my cleavage”. I know it’s supposed to make faces look slimmer, but as men we’re not paying attention to that.
  2. There’s joy in crossing off items on your to-do list. It feels so good that sometimes I write stuff I’ve already done on the list… just so I can cross it off.
  3. I wonder if the Baha Men ever found out who let the dogs out?
  4. A lot of American shows have actors from England. You never know until they do an interview. My response is, “wow him/her, too!”
  5. I’m learning new features of Zoom every time I use it. Backgrounds, whiteboards, and more.
  6. I’ll answer the questions on your post – but the copy & paste is a complete turnoff. I like the social media “get to know you” questions. But, as soon I see copy and paste – I keep scrolling.
  7. Cookouts… the food is cooked out – but all the people stay in… If I go to a cookout, I’d rather be “out”. Otherwise, it’s just a get together with grilled food.
  8. For every truck parked on the sidewalk with the tire coming off the rim – there’s a great story. This happened a couple houses down from me. It looked like somebody had one helluva night.
  9. It’s no coincidence… masks make your face itch. As soon as you put them on, something itches.
  10. The novelty of my “quarantine look” is starting to wear off.  I thought it would be cool to grow a quarantine beard, but my wife said I’m starting to look like Papa Smurf.
  11. If 2020 was a movie.. It would be a Science Fiction-Horror-Drama-Fantasy-Comedy-Disaster movie.