Thank You!

I think we underestimate the power of simply saying thank you. Showing a little appreciation makes a big difference. Here’s an experiment – try it and see what happens.

1. Hoarders don’t like empty corners. When they see one, they feel the need to put stuff in them.

2. I’m noticing a lot of males with hyphenated last names. I understand it when I see it with women. But, I’m not sure I understand it with men.

3. Having to remove tails from shrimp while eating a dish is a nuisance. It takes away from the enjoyment if I have to stop and remove the tails. Most times, I’ll just remove them all before I start.

4. Being a Stormtrooper is a thankless job. You just stand around in corridors waiting to get shot. In all the Star Wars movies, that what they seem to do,

5. I still don’t care how much celebrities pay for their stuff. We know they have enough money to buy extravagant material items.

6. As the price of fast food goes down – so does the quality of the “food”. $3 for a pound of food at KFC is a horrible deal (for your health). Especially, when it hard to call what they sell food.

7. When you’re sick, it’s had to concentrate on anything but how crappy you feel. Watching TV seems to help, since it doesn’t involve much thinking.

8. A simple thank you goes a long way.

9. Cargo shorts/pants and hoodies are the most practical clothing on earth.

10. Eddie Murphy was right – I stopped watching Saturday Night Live in 1984 when he left.

11. I take back what I said about Baby Yoda ruining the wisdom vibe. He was pretty badass.

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