Just because a whiskey was made in Tennessee – that doesn’t make it Tennessee Whiskey. It has special ingredients and a specific process.

  1. I learned from watching “Moonshiners” that just making whiskey in Tennessee doesn’t make it “Tennessee Whiskey”

2. In-person interactions with delivery people are now pretty awkward.

3. Propaganda from the National Park Service about dark skies…? People on the internet say some of the stupidest things.

4. French fries don’t usually survive delivery. They arrive warm and soggy.

5. To us it’s a pothole filled with rain water. To a bird: it’s a great place to take a bath.

6. My packing has really streamlined. I used to take an entire suitcase with just shoes.

7. Somebody waited until they got to the grocery store parking lot to decide that they no longer wanted their boots.

8. Whenever there is a press conference with a sign language interpreter, I watch them instead of the actual speaker – and I don’t understand sign language.

9. A safe that’s left unlocked is just a cabinet with thick walls 

10. The Popeye’s fish sandwich is pretty damned good. Not killing or fighting good… maybe kicking somebody in the shin good. 

11. We’re about a month away from millions of cicadas and copperhead snakes waiting to “snack” on the them.

Photo by Foodie Factor from Pexels