• A cheese pizza with extra meatballs… is not a cheese pizza. It’s a meatball pizza.
  • The napkins in the utensil packets always smell like pepper. And, I’m quite sure that most people don’t use the salt and pepper in the pack.
  • I saw somebody with a selfie stick, and it had a wire! It’s 2021, they could have at least had a Bluetooth® version. Or, perhaps not have one at all.
  • Detectives on TV/movies can run at sprinter’s speed in dress shoes. And, I’ve never seen one slip or fall while running in them.
  • To the photographer with the camouflage big lens at the Olympic track – we can see you. I’ve determined that the camo is not for disguise.
  • The person with 4 “baby on board” & 2 “frequent stops” signs on their car – is probably a first time parent.
  • Morgan Freeman is an executive producer of the show “Teen Mom”. I just found that to be an interesting fact.
  • Vegan shoes! Come on now… I know what makes food vegan, but how do you classify shoes.
  • I saw Bigfoot! He was tattooed on a man’s calf, but that’s as close as I’m going to get.
  • Walking around the grocery store carrying on a very loud AirPod conversation is such a “team of me thing” to do. And it’s irritating!!!
  • A “hoodless hoodie” is not a hoodie… it’s a sweatshirt. I know it’s a marketing gimmick, but by definition a hoodie must have a hood.

How can it be a cheese pizza if it has meatballs on it?

photo credit: @cox.imagery

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